Vanuatu Citizenship Services

Vanuatu Citizenship by Development AND Investment

Obtain Vanuatu citizenship by investment or development. Enjoy protection offered by having a second citizenship and a unique lifestyle free from onerous suffocating bureaucratic rules of the modern world.


You may have heard about various citizenship by investment programmes offered by many jurisdictions around the world.

This opportunity to obtain another citizenship by investment is also offered by Vanuatu. What makes our citizenship different from the others. On face value, it does not differ much in price and requirements.

However what makes our jurisdiction stand are numerous. Apart from the protection offered by having a second citizenship, Vanuatu offers a gateway to a unique lifestyle free from onerous suffocating bureaucratic rules of the modern world.

Prior to independence in 1980, Vanuatu, then known as the New Hebrides was a Condominium jointly administered by France and England. The legacy of this is that Vanuatu has retained the French and Anglophone culture. This makes our lifestyle unique where you find French cafés, French restaurants, local pubs along with other international offerings such international hotel franchise, casinos, banks all locate alongside each other.


Vanuatu is still a developing country having recently graduated from being a least developed country. This means there are many opportunities for the imaginative individuals to create and invest in niche markets.

For example, our cattle industry produces organic grass feed beef for the high end users in the international market, commanding premium prices. Vanuatu is one of the few countries with disease free cattle. Our cattle are grown absolute natural – no antibiotics are administered. What you get is pure healthy natural grass fed organic beef.

This is just one industry. There are many other areas of opportunities.

Benefits of Vanuatu Citizenship

Obtaining a second citizenship from Vanuatu opens up investments in these sectors which comes with all the advantages and preference given to citizens and our favourable low tax regime. With no taxes affecting individuals other than import duties (at varying rates), there is effectively no corporate and personal income tax in Vanuatu. Territorial or worldwide. What you earn is what you keep.


Vanuatu is a recognised international financial centre since 1972 when it was established by the British during the Condominium days. Vanuatu has grown to being a global financial hub with local and international banks, international professional firms establishing a strategic presence.

Why not invest in Vanuatu citizenship and make Vanuatu your base for your business investments? There is no requirement to spend a minimal time here. Though we are sure you will want to spend as much time as possible here once you have tasted our unique lifestyle and our natural pollution free environment.

Our Associate George Andrews is a designated agent under the Development Support Program and is ready to assist individuals and families to obtain Citizenship through the Vanuatu Development Support Program (DSP).

George worked for 23 years in the Vanuatu public service and during this time has held the positions of Director General of Education & Finance & Economic Management. In addition, for the last 16 years he was the Commissioner (CEO) of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. He was also the designer of the Vanuatu citizenship by investment programs during the early planning stages. We both look forward to assisting you to obtain a Vanuatu second citizenship from one of the world’s last unspoiled, pristine environments and become a true unique Pacific Islander.

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